Traffic Inspectors Division

Professionalism, Reliability and Responsibility in Constant Motion

We are leading the way in regards to the qualification and provision of professional traffic inspectors.

This is an integral part of the comprehensive solution offered by Neway, which specializes in providing road safety and security solutions.

Safety Above All: Because Traffic Must Flow

As is well known, traffic arrangements require deployment and direction of traffic by means of traffic inspectors.

This is to ensure the safety of road users – drivers and workers alike – and to significantly reduce traffic disruption.

Our Inspectors Division provides high-quality personnel for effective traffic direction and control as well as the maintenance of order and traffic flow on the roads – in a full-scale nationwide deployment. 

The excellent human relations that characterize our dedicated teams further optimize our services in every situation and road conditions.

Did you know?
At Neway, each traffic inspector Officer is required to maintain professional competence quarterly.

In Constant Momentum: Working With the Largest Infrastructure Bodies in Israel
Since its inception, our Division of Traffic Inspectors has been in constant momentum.
The continuous growth of the company’s inspectors system is reflected in two significant aspects:
* Extensive activity of returning customers
* Long-term maintenance contracts with entities, the largest of their kind, in the Israeli economy.
Our regular customers include, amongst others: Derech Eretz (Road 6), Ha’Gihon Water Company, Danya Cebus, Solel Boneh, Elyakim Ben Ari, Magnesi groups, GA Northern Engineers, Confino Safe Lane Ltd., NTA-the light rail project in Gush Dan , Herzliya Water Corporation, Third Well Water Corporation, Moriah, Rehovot Municipality, Shafir, D&D, GEo DanYa, IPI Israel and more.

The Challenge: Safety and Professional Advancement of Local Authorities
The provisions of section 23 (1) (a) stipulates that a Traffic Inspectors may also serve on behalf of the local authority subject to him/her being “duly authorized by the District Commander or the Head of the Israel Police Traffic Division after receiving appropriate training for the purpose of directing the traffic where Local Traffic Sign Authority carries out paving or maintenance work on a road within its boundaries. ”
As is known, and in light of this, the police have formulated a detailed procedure for the certification and operation of municipal Inspectors and employees on behalf of a local Road Sign Authority for the purpose of directing traffic. The procedure under which the police operate defines the roles and the process required for certification and operation of the traffic guards.

We are presented with challenges pertaining to the promotion of professional and safety of local authorities, according to the vision of road safety and accident prevention. As those responsible for the implementation of the policy, we would lead to formulating strategic planning without any compromises, while defining goals and objectives according to the needs of the authorities.

The Ultimate Goal: Preventing the Dangers Inherent in Roads and Work Sites
Preventing the dangers inherent in roads in general and work sites in particular is the ultimate goal.

As part of this vision, we invest a great deal of resources in the manpower that composes the network of traffic directing Inspectors.

According to the law, these Inspectors may perform directing traffic and safety works on road paving and road works sites in any local Traffic Sign Authority in the State of Israel.

Did you know?

Neway company’s Inspectors underwent in-depth professional training and are certified by the Israel Police. Each inspector’s certificate is signed by a Traffic Division Officer.

Our inspectors are at the professional forefront and expert in the following:
– Safety devices installations at road work sites
– Powers of enforcement and integration of police force in road work sites
– Detection of malfunctions in work sites
– Provision of first aid
– Traffic Arrangements: Traffic plans and charts from work sites guides
– Direction of traffic in combination with a control system and traffic management
– Use of powers during traffic direction

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