Neway Ltd. offers its clients a wide-ranging expertise and extensive experience.
We specialize in the development, manufacturing, marketing and installation of roads safety devices, roads and parking lots markings.
The company is an authorized and certified supplier of the National Roads Company of Israel and the Ministry of Defense for carrying out works of painting, road signing and safety in work and paving sites.
We provide a wide range of services and products in the field of traffic safety systems, at high availability and in full national deployment, while emphasizing professionalism, personal service, safety and reliability!

Neway is constantly working to improve road safety solutions with an approach of excellence and immediate response to every customer.

Safety products for Roads and parking lots

Set Up and Maintenance of Work Sites During Work Execution

  • We provide a range of equipment required by the National Roads Company’s (Netivei Israel) standard: fixed and temporary safety rails (European standard), road signs, traffic signs, cones, safety and cautionary products, etc.
  • Road painting and road marking, including night vision marking, according to the National Roads Company’s standard.
  • Safety equipment and day / night traffic safety and security.
  • Removal of road markings without environmental pollution(approved by the National Roads Company’s standard).
  • Neway provides professional teams of qualified traffic inspectors officers for the direction of traffic and maintaining order on the roads.

Municipal services

  • Supply and installation of traffic signs, railings and road signs, etc.
  • Anti-graffiti sleeve, flexible bollards, parking blocks. etc. etc.
  • Execution of roads marking and painting works for roads, sidewalks curbs, parking lots, etc.
  • Road safety devices: Solar / ordinary cat’s eyes, traffic signs, traffic lights, lighting, etc.
  • Removal of road markings and graffiti, including preventative treatment by spraying “anti-graffiti” material.
The traffic inspectors system is in constant momentum which is reflected by a broad activity of returning customers and the signing of long-term maintenance contracts with large entities, including:
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